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Michael was never a typical boy growing up, his dreams and ambitions were to help others. Every night he dreamt about busting in to burning buildings to save people. His huge heart and passion to help others was going to change forever. Soon after his eleventh birthday Michael himself needed to be rescued from a traumatic accident. From this experience he lost his sight.

After the accident, confusion bothered him deeply. His heart was guiding him to help others. The question was how. Along his journey to recovery he needed to learn how to walk again and become mobile. People would guide Michael around by him holding their arm. With gratitude Michael started rubbing their shoulders and soon realized the gift of touch; he could even help people get rid of headaches. Michael decided that massage therapy would be his path to helping others. He graduated from massage school in 2007.

Although the dream of being a firefighter faded away, he was able to regain his dream to help others.

Michael offers and practices a wide range of techniques and massages. He has helped several individuals suffering with chronic pain, migraines or headaches, limited range of motion in the neck/shoulders, back and whiplash injuries.

Whether your need is relaxation or therapeutic massage, Michael can help you.



Working as a nurse for 15 years, I realized that I had a deeper passion to help others. The thought of becoming a massage therapist was a calling for several years. I have been practicing Massage since 2012 and look forward to helping others for years to come. Assisting others out of pain and stress is not just a job to me, it’s a passion.

My specialties include:

• Oncology

• Prenatal

• Relaxation

• Reflexology

• Cranial Sacral

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